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i think we'll break a few record-high temperatures. we'll talk about that coming up. let's go to lisa with the foggy commute. >> they had overnight roadwork that's clear. in southeast d.c., it is minnesota avenue shut down by branch avenue for police activity. for the latest, let's go to pamela. why we are following that breaking news this morning. a carjacking leads to a police shootout. right now police are looking for at least one suspect. >> good morning, alison. we do know there are two people in custody. a number of people, at least one, that they are looking for. that officer got away in a stolen vehicle. we'll give you a live look at what we're seeing out here on randalls circle and minnesota avenue southeast. out here they have one vehicle they have been looking at.
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this vehicle has been following the stolen vehicle. all of this began around 3:15 this morning on silver hill road in suitland. officers say that's when they got a call about a carjacking. they responded with a chase, which followed into the district and ended here on minnesota. still looking for the stolen vehicle. the stolen vehicle is a 2004 toyota avalon, burgundy, 75460 hv maryland plates. maryland plates 75460hv. officers believe the people in that vehicle are armed and dangerous. there was a brief exchange of gunfire between suspects and officers. one neighbor said she heard at least nine shots go off, but no one was injured in this situation. again, officers still out here.
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we've officers on the scene as well as canine officers. abc news 7 news. turning now to our other top stories this morning, fire crews are still trying to figure out what caused a manassas neighborhood to go up in flames. this was the scene as the fire tore through more than half a dozen homes, completely destroying at least three. we have a dramatic picture and what investigators know so far. mike, what can you tell us? >> good morning, pamela. well, the smell of smoke is still in the air after this massive fire in manassas. to give you an idea how much smoke and ash is still in the air. news chopper 7 captured dramatic pictures from this manassas subdivision. neighbors called 911 when they saw the smoke, and moments later
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they saw the house was engulfed in flames. firefighters from manassas and prince william county, they say high winds caused burning embers to jump from one house to the next. firefighters were able to knock down the houses, but after that, there was little left. and with such dry conditions, firefighters did remain on scene . every 15 or 20 minutes that they have gone through the different parts of these homes and knocked down hot spots and embers using their hose, the red cross and emergency management are assisting the displaced families. that's the latest from manassas. >> ok, mike. thank you. investigators are still trying to determine what caused a fire that killed a mother and two of her children. 24-year-old alli anderson and her sons died with flames racing their through their home on wednesday. three other chern survived. >> a woman --
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teresa lewis was executed by lethal injection despite appeals from europe, john grissom, and thousands of people online. lewis was accused of killing her husband and step-son in 2002. her final statement was for for her step daughter, kathy criminaliston. -- clifton. >> she did make a last statement. she said i just want kathy to know i love her and i'm sorry. >> many -- many argue that lewis did not have the i.q. to organize this murder for hire. they say it is unfair the two gunmen got life in prison and she received the death penalty. eric foreman was arraigned yesterday and charged with felony murder.
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neil was fately shot last month in northwest d.c. while riding his bike. they say the suspect had been associated with a gang. at 6:05, taking a look at a local politician who died after being hit by an s.u.v. on sunday while riding her bike. she was a green party candidate in the senate race. the vigil will be held at 6:00 tonight in largo. reassuring news about the safety of metro from the head of the national transportation safety board. a house panel was told yesterday that metro took steps to approve safety in last year's deadly redline crash. she ush issued a scathing report rm in what she called metro's safety culture. she said yesterday metro has made clear progress on safety issues. vincent gray appears to have supporters in high places.
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attorney general holder said he voted for gray. he made the admission after meeting with gray. he also met with michelle rhee whose future remains in limbo this morning. the two metaphor more than an hour at the wilson building and then appeared before the cameras after that much-anticipated meeting. you see rhee stays in the background and appears to be unhappy. she kept her distance as gray spoke to reporters. >> we did not clans about staying or going. we talked about the state of education in the city. >> gray says he and rhee will meet again in the next few weeks but he will not make any personnel decisions until after the november election. he tried to interview michelle rhee but they said the chairman is the only one making a statement. it is 6:06. when "good morning washington"
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returns, steven cobert makes a trip to capitol hill. plus, a look back at the life of eddie fisher. a singer better known for his scandalous life. first, a sneak peek at the weekend forecast. building wind farms and expanding clean energy manufacturing. but in america, gridlock has held us back.
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now, the senate can change that - by passing a renewable electricity standard. it will spur development of clean energy and boost manufacturing in america, creating hundreds of thousands of new jobs. so we can make our own energy future - not just buy it from china. call your senators and urge them to pass a renewable electricity standard today.
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jo -- >> as a slight chill runs across medical borne, -- melbourne, we'll find a way to pick you up. >> in gainesville, arlington, notice how the air temperature
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equals the dew point temperature. that means the air is saturated which leads to fog, and that's the situation we have right now. patchy fog across the region. you know your exact neighborhood better than i do as you rush to work, so in areas where you might see fog, anticipate that this morning. district heights 69. here's our forecast for today. we'll burn off the morning fog rapidly. mostly sunny skies. hot and humid. we'll break a few record high temperatures. in dulles where the record is 92. for the rest of us, a little cooler along the immediate waterways. sunny with increasing clouds. in the 70's. >> qatar airways. the world's five-star airline.
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southbound out of frederick no accidents to report. the beltway in maryland, a little fog for you. be careful in prince george's county, good check at the wilson bridge. we check the pentagon. for that, to the guy co-camera. looks great here at duke street. 66 traffic through rosslyn and follows church, that's a relief. good at glebe road. americans are mourning the loss of a hollywood icon. eddie fisher died from complications of his surgery. his career peaked with songs like "anytime. "fisher was the father of actress carrie fisher, and he was 82 years old. >> it is going to be a hot
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scandal. >> still to come on this last day of the work week, a treat for retailers, this halloween, holiday sales could be on the rebound. >> obviously the main reason i'm test testifying before congress is to get that c-span bump for my ratings. >> and steven colbert testifies before congress. >> and parts of the midwest under water. we'll have details in today's top story. host: could switching to geico really save you 15% or more on car insurance? did the little piggy cry wee wee wee all the way home? piggy: weeeeeee, weeeeeee, weeeeeee, weeeee weeeeeeee. mom: max. ...maxwell!
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piggy: yeah? mom: you're home. piggy: oh,cool, thanks mrs. a. anncr: geico. 15 minutes could save you 15% or more. >> welcome back, everyone. at 6:13 we're following breaking news from the district right now, where police have caught two carjacking suspects who shot at them. they say it began in suitland. prince george's county police were chasing two vehicles, one
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carjacked and another south of it. the suspects exchanged gunfire with police. the carjacked vehicle got away. at 6:14, a virginia woman became the first female to be executed in the u.s. in five years. teresa lewis was put to death by lethal injection while -- for arranging to have her husband and step-son killed. before she was put to death, lewis apologized to the daughter of the father she killed. firefighters are trying to determine what caused a manassas fire. winds help the fire spread. 11 people were displaced. parts of wisconsin and minnesota are under a state of emergency as heavy rains pound the area. the region is expected to get even more rain today. alison? the president of iran made
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extreme allegations yesterday at the u.n.. so extreme it caused the u.s. delegation to walk out. emily schmidt has more about that and how it could affect america's relationship with that country. president obama's speech advocated working toward peace in the middle east. >> if an agreement is not reached, palestinians will never know the pride that comes with a home state. israelis will never know the certainty that comes with sovereign and stable neighbors. >> mr. obama said the door to diplomacy remained open, but that door seemed much more likely to close after iran's president took the floor. mahmoud ahmadinejad said americans were behind the september 11 terrorist attack to help the american economy and to save the zionist regime of israel. at that point the u.s. delegation and 27 others walked out. a white house official said mr.
6:16 am
obama found the remarks deeply offensive. >> it is an attempt by ahmadinejad to change the focus from him and his stewardship of him and iran to issues he is much more confident talking about. >> today obama has an interview scheduled with bbc persia. he says it will be an opportunity for him to talk directly to the iranian people. a vote to push back the bush-era tax cuts. a vote will take place in november. president obama only wants to extend tax cuts to americans making less than $250,000. republicans want to extend all the tax breaks. well stephen colbert will be appearing before congress today. >> he will testify at a house hearing on farm workers who are illegal immigrants. last month colbert picked
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vegetables at a farm, and he took part in a effort to replace illegal immigrants that work on farms. >> i went out there, and i worked 10 hours in the field, and i had to stop because my doctors told me i developed a condition known as a blister. >> he and fellow comedy central host jon stewart will be on the national mall. good news heading into the holiday season. rob nelson has those stories and more. >> good morning. we begin your "money scope " report with general motors scaling down. they will lock to raise $8 million to $10 million to help the government fetch the highest possible share price, making it more likely to eventually recruit its $50 million bail out. sales of previously-owned
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homes rose last month. they are on pace to finish this year as last despite cheaper practices and record-low mortgage rates. macy's plans to hire 55,000 holiday workers this year. the department store giant anticipates good sales the rest of the year. halloween will not be as exciting this year. americans are expected to spend an average of $66 on candy and umes, and that's up 6 -- cost umes, and that's up 6% from last year. >> hard to believe we're talking about halloween already. >> if will feel like the 4th of july, because high temperatures again will be in the 90's, and i think we'll break a few high temperatures. particularly reagan national airport.
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let's take a look. we have a fog product down there. the areas seen in bright yellow, those are areas estimated to be at about a mile. norget of the -- north of the beltway, estimated visibility of a half a mile. south of 70, i know it is not technically our viewing area but a lot of you watch us up there, that's a quarter mile of availability, that is estimated availability. so do jape anticipate some fog to start our day. now let's look at the almanac data. i think we'll break that, maybe tie it, but likely break it. 90 was the high yesterday. the average high temperature is p 77. the record hyatt dulles is -- the record high at dulles is 92.
6:20 am
i think we'll break that. clouds and a few showers off to our north along the warm front. heavier clouds in along this cold front in the mid section of the country. ap area of -- an area of low pressure. you can see those clouds associated with this front. another day of hot conditions, hot and humid. this cold front will have a big impact on our weather late tonight and early torning morning. first thing tomorrow morning you will notice the drop in humidity level, and by saturday you will notice the change in temperatures. we should have a big dip in our jet stream. by early next week. the good news with that, it will give us an unsettled weather pattern and cooler temperatures, but it will put us in a zone of potentially heavy rainfall early next week.
6:21 am
we're in a drought. we need the rain. we may get that next week. increasing cloutsdz becoming -- clouds becoming mostly cloudy on sunday, better chance of showers next week. let's go to lisa with the commute. i don't have any major accidents to report. i'll give you the normal travel times now. along 95 between richmond and baltimore, no issues to report at the wilson bridge, good on the american legion brinl. not bad at father hurley boulevard. we'll take you to the gike owe camera -- geico camera. >> lisa, thank you very much. it is 6:21. we have 71 degrees. coming up on "good morning washington," the redskins get ready to hit the road. hear what the coach is saying about leading their next opponent. oprah gets reaction.
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a $100 million education donation. we'll be back after this break.
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welcome back. 7 is on your side with alarming news about obesity. an international aorganization says 20 out of -- 4 out of 20 americans will be overweight.
6:25 am
disease rate and health care spending will rise unless governments, individuals, and industry find a strategy to combat the epidemic. 24. -- 2 out of 4. that's amazing. redskins are heading to st. louis to take on the winless rams. steven jackson in the backfield and sam bradford running the show. never mind he's a rookie, the coach says he's a real deal. >> he's impressive. he's the guy that comes around once every 10 years. in my opinion. >> williams was still limping noticeably at campus. meanwhile, after 4 1/2 years sam castin is stepping down.
6:26 am
although his departure is a surprise to most, he says this has been his plan for some time. now, there is speculation that he is positioning himself to succeed bud selig as baseball commissioner. it is 6:26. still another half-hour of "good morning washington". >> coming up this morning, michael douglas back on the big screen as gordon gecko. will you check it out? our movie guide still ahead. plus, prince george's county police are looking for at least one person in a stolen car they believe are armed and dangerous. we'll have the late-breaking details coming up. meteorologist adam caskey in the belfort weather center. one more day of this hot and humid stretch.0
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straight ahead this half-hour, a fire leaves a manassas neighborhood in shambles. good morning, washington. great to have you with us on this friday, september 24. i'm alison starling. >> and i'm pamela brown. we are glad you are joining us. we will have more on that story and more in a few moments. first, time for traffic and weather every 10 minutes. >> temperatures will be well above our average high temperature in july. i want to point out, we have areas of fog to start our day with patchy morning fog which is in a few locations.
6:31 am
here's our forecast. mostly sunny skies. highs in the 90's. records will fall. record highs that is. sunny, mid 80's. late-day showers and even cooler and below average in the 70's for tomorrow. lisa, what do you have with traffic? >> well, i have a stalled car on 66 eastbound where centreville traffic merges to the interstate, 28. it is right there. so out of manassas to get into centreville and leaving centreville, it will get more difficult. nothing on 95 but normal volume. in and out of baltimore, no problems to report on the interstate. southbound of 98 looking for a stalled car blocking the road close to the i.t.t. project. i will pull up a picture of traffic in our beltway.
6:32 am
we'll give you breaking news of traffic in d.c. >> we are following breaking news from southeast d.c. police say he's armed and dangerous and on the loose. a manhunt underway right now for a carjacking suspect who opened fire on officers. we've been following the late-breaking developments. >> officers are still looking for a stolen vehicle and at least one suspect that got away in that vehicle. we do know there are two people in custody, and officers did recover a firearm out here in southeast. we'll give you a look at what they are looking at here on minnesota avenue and randalls town road. there were two individuals in a vehicle behind the honda. there were a series of crimes this morning. a person was robbed on kenilworth avenue. this white honda was given as a description. less than an hour later,
6:33 am
officers got a call of a carjacking. officers from prince george's responded. a high-speed chase of this car and the stolen vehicle then got underway. >> at some point during the pursuit, they reached out of the suspect vehicle and they exchanged gunfire. they ap mended both suspects and a firearm that we believe belongs to one of the suspects has since been recovered. >> we want to give you a description of the vehicle that was stolen and still has, stipulate not not been recovered. maryland had 75460 hv, a 2004 burgundy toyota avalon. if you see this vehicle, you are asked to call police. no one was injured during gunfire exchange. one neighbor said she heard nine gun shots. officers are still out here investigating this as an active
6:34 am
crime scene, minnesota avenue between 31st and g streets southeast will remain closed until officers finish everything up. alison and pamela. >> all right, that you. -- thank you. a controversial capital punishment. teresa lewis was put to death last night. the first woman put to death in virginia in 100 years. she was put to death for killing her husband and step-son. attorneys argued she lacked the intelligence to mastermind the shooting. after yesterday's court appearance 231-year-old neil -- while riding his bicycle. the suspect, 17-year-old eric formam was associated with a
6:35 am
gang, and she believes robbery was the motive. several families are homeless this morning after a fast-moving fire left an entire neighborhood up in flames. the blaze damaged eight homes and destroyed three others. authorities are trying to figure out a cause. mike is live on the scene with more. >> good morning, alison. the smell of smoke is still heavy in the air and the cause of the fire is still under investigation. meanwhile, three families have been displaced from their homes. the red cross is assisting them. firefighters remain on the scene knocking out hot spots and using their hoses on hot embers. >> it was um coming my direction. >> news chopper 7 captured the dramatic pictures as it was unfolding on the 8300 block in this manassas subdivision. neighbors say they called 911 when they saw smoke at 3:00 p.m.
6:36 am
moments later, the house was engulfed. firefighters responded from manassas, prince williams county and fairfaction county. they say high winds caused burning embers to jump from one house to the next. >> the guy that called it in, next door neighbor, said -- >> after several hours, firefighters were able to knock the flames down. when the smoke cleared, there was little left. >> there is nothing left. >> with dry conditions and heat, neighbors are staying on guard. >> just trying to figure out what to do next. >> three homes were destroyed, five others were damaged, including this house across the street. you can see the heat from the fire was so hot that it cracked and rippled the siding of this home. also, you can see here on the ground, residents tried to pull their water hose to knock down the flames themselves, but
6:37 am
sadly, the fire was too big for them. >> thank you so much, mike. d.c.'s school chancellor, michelle rhee, is still in limbo. rhee and gray metaphor more than an hour, and gray said they discussed the state of education in d.c. and not rhee's future. he said that will be discussed again in a few weeks. >> 6:37 the time. when "good morning washington" continues this morning, president obama hits the world stage and the u.s. walks out on the u.n.? we'll tell you why. >> if you loved "wall street" will you like "wall street ii"? event damente news com
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>> hi, i'm adam groon. we're at the shakes appear -- shakespeare theater. good morning, washington! friday morning, 6:40. welcome back to "good morning washington." the dew point temperature cathscailts how much moisture --
6:41 am
the dew point temperature indicates how much moisture is in the air. right now the air is saturated. air temperature equals the dew point temperature and that gives you relative humidity of 100%. the air is saturated and that's leading to areas of patchy fog. it will burn off quickly today. it will be hot and humid today. temperatures in the mid 90's for most of us. cooler along waterways of course. 95 the highs in the district. 92 in front royal as well. tomorrow a cold front. it will drop humidity levels and the temperatures. we're talking 70's for highs. by sunday and early part of next week with a chance of showers. lisa, what do you have with the traffic? i have a lot of traffic to get through centreville. a stalled car along the way. southbound 270 growing volume for you but nothing in the roadway.
6:42 am
let's see what we can find in the geico camera. pace looks steady. we'll flip over to the 14th street bridge. that's good. back to pamela and alison. >> thank you, lisa. 6:42 is your time. 70 degrees. coming up, d.c. schools gets a treat in waiting for superman. the movie is getting big support building wind farms and
6:43 am
expanding clean energy manufacturing. but in america, gridlock has held us back. now, the senate can change that - by passing a renewable electricity standard. it will spur development of clean energy and boost manufacturing in america, creating hundreds of thousands of new jobs. so we can make our own energy future - not just buy it from china. call your senators and urge them to pass a renewable electricity standard today.
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6:44 is the time now. we begin with breaking news. police have arrested two carjacking suspects that shot at them in southeast d.c.
6:45 am
prince georges county police began chasing two vehicles, one of which was carjacked. officers stopped the other vehicle, and that's when police exchanged fire with the other suspect. virginia put to death a woman for the first time in a century. teresa lewis was put to death for arranging the 2002 killings of her husband and step-son. there were many appeals to stop her sentence. an injunction could be lifted from banning gays from openly serving in the military. a judge said this month the don't ask/don't tell policy was unlawful. protests from allegations by iran's president. emily schmidt joins us with the reaction and the cause. iran's delegation applauded mahmoud ahmadinejad as he was
6:46 am
making his speech yesterday. dozens of other delegations got up and walked out of the room. today, president obama is scheduled to make his first public statement by controversial speech. mr. obama had a chance to give his own speech at the general assembly. he advocated working toward peace with iran. he said the door to diplomacy remained open should iran decide to walk through it. that seemed much more likely to close after ahmadinejad took the floor. he said americans were behind the september 11 terrorist attack to help the american economy and save the zionist regime of israel. at that point, the u.s. delegation and 27 others walked out. the white house said those remarks are not spricing. today the president is scheduled for an interview with bbcpe -- with bbc persia. he said this will be his chance to talk directly with the iranian people.
6:47 am
in today's "political minute" business groups are providing big financial backing for schools. >> this is what is be interesting. a lot of people have heard about the superman movie, michelle rhee was prominent in this. the irony is in who is backing this movie. >> that is right. when they did the premiere down at the museum wr there was a conversation afterward, and david gugenhein described himself as a lefty, no surprise there, but business groups are embracing this for education. this is going to go on for as long as a injury because the chamber of commerce, business round groups, will spend big for people to see it around the country, and they will encourage their members, local business, to do it as well and get a
6:48 am
conversation going. this will be a year-long public action campaign. given a place to sign up and to pledge that you will make sure that your theater carries this. >> will it have implication fors michelle rhee as well? >> i think you made a point, there is good gossip that she might go to new jersey. the republican governor in new jersey, chris christie, he's -- christy, he's seen as a dark horse. he might be running for president. he fired his school's chief. he's for charter schools and a lot of things, so there might be a match there. >> gray and rhee have a meeting in a few weeks, so we'll hear more about that. it is 6:48. time for traffic and weather every 10 minutes. >> weather patchy fog outside now. it will be another sunny and hot day, however.
6:49 am
cool by the weekend. luckily cool tonight. watch out for patchy fog as you venture out tonight. we have a fog product down there. it shows you what most of the -- where most of the fog is located. the yellow is where visibility is about a mile. orange visibility is reduce today an estimated half a mile. and that red in eastern howard county. that's where visibility is estimated to be about a quarter mile. especially in parts of maryland. high and dry today. mostly sunny skies. southerly winds because we're in the big sector of this weather. notice the curl that is animated in the upper part of your
6:50 am
screen. cold front in the mid-section of the country with slours, and of -- showers, and of course clouds along that cold front. hot and humid today with the warm sector and that southerly flow. then tonight behind it it will draw in that cooler, drier air. you will notice it when you out -- when you step out. dip in our jet stream known purple. that will keep us cool from the cooler air down from the south to the north, but it will put us in some unsettled weather and potentially heavy rainfall which is good. mid 90's tosmed record-high temperatures. a little cooler immediately along the waterways of course. tomorrow, sunny. less humid, increasing clouds on sunday in the 70's, sunday and even into monday. now back to lisa. back to you. >> 66. that's the most intense right now. eastbound inform get out of gainesville. you see there is a stalled car
6:51 am
at the end of the ramp into centreville to go on to eastbound 66, and that's costing everyone some extra time. right now, good in falls church. 95 the growing volume ute of dale city. in newington, so far so good. here's the pace light. we can see clearly the headlights out of spreef. -- springfield.
6:52 am
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good morning, washington. i'm arch campbell with your "weekend movie guide ." michael douglas updates "wall street" in "money never sleeps." >> michael douglas gives a great show of gordon gekko. it is long and gets real talkie and sags under the weight of a bunch of other plots. a couple and a half stars. but for some, michael douglas will be enough.
6:55 am
>> live the life that has already been set up for you. >> carey mulligan remembers her time in a boarding school for kids. >> biggest rip-off, "catfishment" a sued owe documentary about a facebook scam. who cares? "get low" three stars. three stars for "easy a." "machete" and "never let me go." one star to "catfish." "i'm still here" gets one star. oh, it was a hoax. and "virginity," gets a zero. i'm arch campbell, event statement. >> who cares? >> exactly.
6:56 am
>> it is 6:55. lisa, we have road enclosures in southeast washington. everyone wants to use the anacostia freeway in the district to avoid minnesota avenue. minnesota avenue live here the crime scene investigation. minnesota avenue, branch avenue, traffic a mess through the neighborhood. we go to adam caskey now. >> patchy fog outside now. are you aware of that. be careful when you head out. that will quickly burn off. ok. so sunny today, mid 90's. we'll probably break a few records. tomorrow less humid, and increasing clouds. [technical difficulties]
6:57 am
"good morning america" is next. hope you have a great wee
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